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Abundant Health
Your chronic health problems seem to be one thing after another: As soon as you absolve yourself of one ailment, another appears. We have found that the mind sets the tone for physical wellbeing, and have developed a unique program that will allow you to reprogram yourself to a healthy state of mind.

Underlying Causes
We experience many different distractions and stressors in our personal and professional lives, often resulting in a negative state of mind that is quite destructive to our physical and mental wellbeing. This creates three common problems that contribute to poor health:

Coping mechanisms manifested in unhealthy behaviors such as poor eating habits and a sedentary life style
Chronic stress that leads to fatigue and stress-related ailments
Destructive thought patterns that immerse the body in damaging negative energy

Our state of mind and general outlook is at the root of each of these problems. In order to break this destructive cycle, we must reprogram our minds to develop healthy thought patterns.

How Subliminal Messaging Works
Subliminal messaging allows concepts to be delivered below the threshold of consciousness, which acts as a perpetual filter, often filtering out the information we need most. In the case of our MP3 CDs, verbal affirmations are played interspersed with other sounds such that they are delivered directly to the subconscious. Affirmations on the Abundant Health subliminal messaging MP3 CD will help you to:

Realize the destructiveness of unhealthy coping mechanisms and seek other means of stress relief
Stop internalizing stress
Develop healthier thought patterns, leading to a more positive outlook

In this way, you will be able to reprogram yourself for a healthy mindset and good physical health.

Benefits of Subliminal Messaging MP3 CDs
The conscious mind filters incoming information, and relays only what seems to be pertinent information to the subconscious, which subsequently sets our thought and action patterns. When we simply tell ourselves to be more positive, the message is filtered out, and does not reach the subconscious. Subliminal messaging circumvents this trap by delivering information directly to the subconscious. You can listen to our subliminal messaging MP3 CD while going about your daily activities, simply allowing the transforming affirmations to seep in. In this way you will be able to reprogram yourself to seek healthy solutions to your problems, quit internalizing stress and develop a more positive worldview. In turn, this will lead to improved vitality and physical health.

With our Abundant Health subliminal messaging MP3 CD , the good health and vitality you’ve been seeking is put at your fingertips. You owe yourself and your loved ones the gift of a long, healthy and fulfilling life. Invest in yourself and your future by ordering our proven MP3 CD . You deserve it.

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